Hygiene equipment for the Food Industry

We are Calgiene, we manufacture Hygiene equipment for the food, beverage, horticultural industries
and specialist applications.  Our equipment is demonstrated to save Money, Save Water, Clean Better

Just some of our products

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Calgiene Tote Washing Systems are designed and custom built to your individual needs. Calgiene take the time to identify your requirements and needs, and then design around those specifications, ensuring you get a system tailored for you, that cleans effectively and saving both time and water.


Calgiene systems are capable of cleaning over 1200 totes (or crates, tubs, trays, boards) per hour, whilst maintaining the highest quality clean.

Calgiene Contra Shear CIP upgrades are a proven and easy plug and play upgrade to your existing contra shear, with systems achieving 90 to 95% reductions in water use & almost a complete elimination of manual spot cleaning.


Calgiene Contra Shear cleaning systems will improve solids removal, output water quality, ensure a more consistent outflow rate, and reduce waste water treatment costs.

Calgiene  CIP cleaning systems are custom designed for Abattoirs, Food Processing Plants, Dairies, Beverage & Vegetables. Our proven CIP systems include: Evisceration Tables, Offal Pans, Plugging Tables, Shackle Belts, Boning Rooms, Belts, Spiral Freezers, Belts, Ovens, Fryers, Bucket Elevator Cleaning Systems.


Calgiene CIP systems improve cleaning quality outcomes, chemical costs and improve microbial testing.


Calgiene JUPITER Central Plant Cleaning System, is a major improvement on current systems, offering consistent water pressure, central or local chemical and sanitising distribution options, fast change over between the wide range of wash tools and accessories.


A JUPITER CPC system can be an integrated CIP plant during production, AND then be used to power the cleaning cycle, lowering water use.

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